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“Mosaics are like doing a jigsaw puzzle but there are no wrong pieces” (Holly, age 6)

I’m David Bowers of Mosaic Madness – welcome to my website! Here you  will find inspiration and information for your school or community project and please contact me with any questions or for a personal quote.

I have worked in over 450 schools and a wide range of community  groups across England & Wales – completed projects can be seen in the gallery.

Why choose mosaics for your school, community or private project?

  • beautiful and eye-catching
  • long lasting and won’t fade
  • participants involved from design to completion
  • inclusive for all ages and abilities
  • outcomes for participants, groups and final audience(s)
  • near vandal proof
  • curriculum links
  • new and transferable skills
  • can use words and images

See benefits of mosaics for more information.

Why use Mosaic Madness?

  • Since 2002 I have completed hundreds of projects and gained a vast range of experience with in schools and communities
  • For more information: How a project runs |Example projects & prices| Gallery| Testimonials|Lists of schools and community groups 
  • I am based in Bristol and able to travel to most of South & Central England and Wales
  • I am passionate about enabling and inspiring the creative process for any age and ability, the mosaics are never ‘mine’ and the outcomes of pride and ownership are cornerstones of my work
Courtney Primary School
Courtney Primary School was the first school I worked in and then I was brought back in 11 years later to create the their second mural.

Please contact me for more information and a no obligation quote for your mosaic project.