Part of a whole school project to create this fire station mural by West Croft Junior School.

Benefits of mosaics

Why choose a mosaic for your school, community or private project?

Part of a whole school project to create this entrance mural by West Croft Junior School.

  • Beautiful – frost resistant tiles in over 20 colours
  • Long lasting – the colours will not fade (possible  with a painted mural)
  • Inclusive – any age/ability can take partfrom design to completion
  • Near vandal proof – the most likely vandalism is tagging, which is easily cleaned
  • Curriculum links – a wide range of links can be made depending on the nature of the piece and the imagery
  • Learn new skills which can be developed– basic mosaicing is easy to learn, then it all comes down to practice, imagination and patience
  • Benefits the individuals, groups working together – and the whole school / community….everyone who will see it for years to come!
  • Words and images are used – an eye catching way to communicate that appeals to all learning styles and ages

A small mural created by Birmingham Brownies as part of their anniversary.

Please see gallery for examples of completed projects, and testimonials for client feedback

‘a great project that involved and inspired many and beautifully communicates our values and ethos’

Participant outcomes:

  • Designing and creating something from start to finish
  • To work together as a group
  • To say ‘I made that’
  • Improving self esteem, empowerment and communication
  • All ages and abilities – no prior artistic talent or knowledge needed
  • The joy of using different materials
  • Discovering or rediscovering skills (including transferable ones)
  • Satisfaction – results are seen quickly!

 Legacy of mosaics:

A multi faith mural created at Field End Junior School.

  • The wider community will see the result and feel proud and inspired
  • Mosaics cannot be set alight, are nearly impossible to smash and can often be repaired if vandalised and cleaned if tagged
  • Mosaics have a long lifespan, the project becomes part of the environment and part of the community’s history
  • Skills and interests are developed and shared