A keystage1 project to create this mural for Our lady of the Visitation.

How a project runs

I will write a bespoke proposal for each project, usually after a phone and/or email conversation. The proposal will take account of all variables such as location, theme, size, participants, etc. and can include a range of options to allow for budgets, dates or other factors.

Mosaic projects can be for inside or outside and include wall murals, floor murals, seating/benches and human sundials (see also project ideas & prices and Gallery).

Project stages:

  1. Sketch/preliminary stage before I first come in – working up ideas and themes and gathering as many sketches as possible
  2. Design stage where I work with a small group to incorporate sketches into a final design (wall murals) OR choose designs to be art of the composite finished piece (floor murals and sundials)
  3. Mosaic workshop: I work with groups to create a completed section that is suitable for their age /  ability
  4. Grout workshop: I work with a small group to grout, wash and finally polish the piece

A project to create 22 children's book themed mosaics (this one being The Iron Giant) for Bishop Rd Primary School    A project to create 22 children's book themed mosaics (this one being The Iron Giant) for Bishop Rd Primary School

Mosaic Materials

A whole school project for St. John's first School.

Wall murals: 18mm marine ply to BS1088 suitable for outside and inside, the back and sides having 5 coats of varnish and a plastic trim added.


Floor murals and Human Sundials: Concrete paving slabs, in a variety of sizes and shapes

A project with Halsway Manor and 4 local primary schools.   Human sundial create as part of a Bloor Homes development

Tiles: swimming pool tiles which are suitable for outside, slightly thicker than normal tiles and come in a wide range of colours. Suitable for skin tones and school jumper colours. Tile adhesive (cement) and grout are always external grade and usually grey in colour.


Wall Murals and signs: gaps are left in the murals allowing screws to be driven into the wall through the grout & ply.

A bench created by the local community for Luckwell Park.Floor murals & human sundials: laid as normal slabs.

Seating: mosaiced in situ with the seating construction carried out prior to my workshops.